Normin Locations

Upon meeting the Normin Atakk the ability to find and collect the other Normin becomes available. There are a total of 50 different Normin and acquiring them can make your party much stronger via the ability to have a higher chance of acquiring gear with the skills of each particular Normin via Lord of the Land.

The Normin are sorted below in to groups by the effects of their skills.

Status Effects
Name Effect Location
Atakk Attack +4% Marlind
Mynd Arte Attack +4% Falkewin Hillside
Difens Defense +4% Marlind
Reziss Arte Defense +4% Marlind
Spirri Focus +4% Bors Ruins
Battle Abilities
Name Effect Location
Rangus Stun Damage Rate +20% Glaivend Basin
Roon Duration of Stat Increases +15% Volgran Forest
Blokk Duration of Stat Reductions -8% Volgran Forest
Wresst Duration of Stat Reductions -8% Tintagel Ruins
Gillium Stun Time Reduced By 20% Lamorak Cave
Hit Point (HP) Effects
Name Effect Location
Blude HP Recovery Upon Successful Stun +40 Lastonbell
Plezur HP Recovery During Combo +4 Lastonbell
Primor HP Recovery While Defending +10 Meadow of Triumph
Gaine HP Recovery Upon Defeating Enemy +60 Meadow of Triumph
Releeph HP Recovery When Using BG +50 Malory
SC Effects
Name Effect Location
Fantum SC Recovery Upon Successful Stun +10 Pearloats Pasture
Chein SC Use Reduction During Combo +1% Pearloats Pasture
Mirag SC Recovery Speed While Defending +4% Gaferis Ruins
Gaizer SC Recovery When Damage Received +8 Pendrago
Justiss SC Recovery Upon Successful Evasion +10 Pendrago
BG Effects
Name Effect Location
Tempescht BG Increase When 10 Hits Landed +5% Cambria Caverns
Wundor BG Increase Upon Defeating Enemy +8 Biroclef Ridge
Farrest BG Increase Rate While Defending +25% Yder Cave
Fethur BG Increase Rate During Evasion +16% Gododdin
Tenshun BG Increase Upon Successful Stun +8% Gododdin
Status Change Effects
Name Effect Location
Shokk Paralyzing Capability +10% Igraine (Fire Trial)
Flaym Burning Capability +10% Pendrago Shrinechurch
Sloe Slowing Capability +10% Aifread’s Hunting Ground
Poizon Poisoning Capability +10% Weylish Ruins
Fatty G Fatiguing Capability +10% Morgause (Earth Trial)
Enemy Type Effects
Name Effect Location
Animili Capability Vs Beasts +10% Lefay (Water Trial)
Schel Capability Vs Crustaceans +10% Westronbolt Gorge
Blarb Capability Vs Amorphous +10% Ganglen Ruins
Leglis Capability Vs Apodous +10% Guinevere (Wind Trial)
PinyonG Capability Vs Winged Foes +10% Great Camelot Bridge
Anther Capability Vs Therians +10% Zaphgott Moor
Plaite Capability Vs Armored +10% Zaphgott Moor
Litsch Capability Vs Undead +10% Trizolde Cave
Deemun Capability Vs Fiends +10% Plitzerback Wetland
LindwerG Capability Vs Dragons +10% Lhitwerg Woods
Elemental Effects
Name Effect Location
Voyd Non-Elemental Attack Power +10% Arctus Ruins
Faira Fire Attack Power +10% Lohgrin
Urth Earth Attack Power +10% Lohgrin
Acqua Water Attack Power +10% Remains of Merchior
WindurG Wind Attack Power +10% Rayfalke Spiritcrest
Incantation Effects
Name Effect Location
Pennetrayt No Staggering When Taking 40 Damage or Less Aroundight Forest
Sheeld Number of Iron Stances During Casting +1 Depths of Mt. Mabinogio Ruins
Priventi All Damage Taken Reduced By 30 Camlann
Invalada Damage Taken Totaling Less Than 400 is Negated Artorius’ Throne
Phoenix KO Protection +20% Igraine (Fire Trial) – Located in the Boss Room after finding the other 49 Normin and viewing the event.
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